Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scran'en Times Ignores DeNaples Probes

The two or tree of you out there who regularly read this space might recall that I've mentioned the apparent lack of ethics and journalistic talent on that pretend newspaper in Scran'en. Like in Trashing the First Amendment, or in A Matter of Integrity, and here, and here, here, too, and, of course, here, among other places.

Having successfully shilled for their bosses' boy in the last Senatorial primary and election, the non-journalists at the Scran'en Times have recently been busy covering up the recurring problems of local felon Louis DeNaples and the joint Federal/State probes into whether he lied on his slots application, has ties to the mob, and illegally contributed money to Rendell and others to grease the slide for his slots application.

Real newspapers have brought us stories on the federal/state probe. Like the Philly paper which recounts grand jury appearances, and the story on the Gaming Board's refusal to identify the "audit committee" which supposedly investigated the allegations of mob ties and found them (surprise) wanting. Readers of the Morning Call were served up intrepid and original coverage of the issues ranging from the revelation of the dual-probe, to the grand jury witnesses, more on the witnesses, the (Scran'en) Federal Prosecutor's close ties with DeNaples, and the US Attorney's subsequent resignation apparently connected to the DeNaples probe.

Readers of the Scran'en paper can be forgiven for their force-fed ignorance. The boys up there at the pretend newspaper couldn't bring themselves to send a reporter out to cover the big local story. Instead, their readers got a little mention in a bland AP wire report touting that the US Attorney had vouched for DeNaples, and a brief mention of the probes in one article focusing on Billy D'Elia, the admitted mob guy who is facing trial on several charges and who is one of several sources in the DeNaples probe.

But the good folk up there in NEPA can be forgiven for thinking that DeNaples is the victim here because they know that their good and honorable journalists at the Scran'en Times have already looked into all of that and pronounced DeNaples clean as the whistle. This because the Scran'en Times served up one of the most blatant of their patented BJ pieces, this one called Denaples: Mob Links Simply Don't Add Up.

(Image Credit: DeNaples, Allentown Morning Call / August 18, 2007)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am mad as hell that this story isn't getting any real coverage in this area as well. I live in W-B, and aside from finding this link between organized crime and the government a tad disgusting (understatement), I am also trying to keep an eye on the Lokuta case, which keeps mentioning a federal probe of the Luzerne County judiciary.
Anyway, just wanted to say I am in agreement with ya on this one.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Larry Sparano?
He was a reporter/anchorman from WYOU-TV Channel 22 who was going to get them #1 ratings going after 'hot' stories back in the '80s or '90s. Anyway he went looking for a story about wrecked vehicles in Louie DeNaples' junkyard polluting the big creek that runs by there in Scranton. He approached Louie asking comment and Louie replied "Get off my property, see if you have a job tomorrow." Sure enough, Larry was canned from 22 and is now a pastor at some hole-in-the wall rural bible-thumper, holy roller church. I've got nothing against Louie, have bought many a car part from his business, but as the old saw goes: "money talks, bulls#*t walks!"

Anonymous said...

in response to t.g. :

keep an eye on the lokuta case, it will be interesting. people dont give her enough credit!! although we know money talks and -------- walks, i hope the girl makes it..she is not a corrupt judge, thats why they want her off the bench. its obvious. i hope these criminals get what they deserve. i like to think justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

found this blog searching larry sporano and denaPLES.. Im only 31 and i remember it completely! Rock on Larry!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anyone notice how cautious Corbett on 103.1 is when mentionening his name?? i find it funny.. I hope its over for louie!

Anonymous said...

Actually Larry is and Anchor in Binghamton, But I guess I could see how you could confuse that with A pastor at a church. LOL>