Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Please Update Yer Blogrolls

Yeah, I know it is a pain in the butt, but please take a second to update your Blogrolls with our new URL: . If you are using Blogrolling to maintain your blogrolls, all you have to do is Click Here to Blogroll A Big Fat Slob!.

Big thanks to my friends at bildungblog, VoicePA, Political Grind, Gort42, Capitol Ideas, Daddy Democrat, Huck and Jim, Pittsburgh Jack's Place, PhillyBits, and Blue Wren, who have all switched over to the new url. There be about 50 more of ye who need to follow suit.

Thanks for your attention. As you were.


WE ARE MOVING!!! For now, the old Blogger address will bring you to the new location -- but that can change at any time. Please update your Blogroll, Links, and Bookmarks NOW:

Click Here to Blogroll A Big Fat Slob!

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