Tuesday, April 05, 2016

There's Delegate Math and then There's Electoral Delegate Math

The Democrats appear on a track to nominate someone who has trouble winning in Blue states.

The reality of electoral politics today is that there are some 20+ states in which the Democratic vote just doesn't matter -- there is no way most of those those states are ever going to go Democratic, even with Trump as the Republican nominee.

So, what sense does it make for the Democrats to select a nominee who performs well in red states?

In states that went for President Obama in 2012, Bernie Sanders actually leads Hillary Clinton in the delegate count, 566 to 525. All of her overall delegate lead comes from states that went Romney in 2012, where she leads 718 to 414 (with Bernie winning half a dozen of the Romney states).

Wisconsin goes tonight and it is looking like Bernie will continue his dominance in the states that will count in November. Good thing the Republicans have made an even worse choice this time around.