Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Make Me Stop This Car . . . .

Gotta love it . . . .

John McCain, who has spent the last 18 months flipping back to the Conservative side of social policy issues in order to prime the wingnutz pump, found himself in a little scratch and claw with wingnutz pinup Pat Toomey and his ideogroup, Club for Growth.

It all began when Toomey's group issued a fairly fawning, if self-importantly-titled, "Presidential White Paper" on Senator Sam Brownback. It praised Brownback generally, but criticized him several times for supporting the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill. It wasn't long after that that Senator McCain announced that he would be camping (or, something) and wouldn't be able to attend the Toomey wingnutz fest in late March.

Just a few days later, the Conservative Political Action Conference -- which McCain also skipped -- issued the results of its straw poll. McCain came in fifth, with 12% support. Popular at the conference were anti "Rudy McRomney" buttons -- demonstrating the wingnutz determination to rip the Repubs apart in 2008 by skewering their top three contenders. The GOP version of the Democrat's patented circular firing squad was in full operation.

Within a week or so, Toomey's ideogroup issued its third Presidential White Paper, this one on John McCain. The subtitle set the tone and the stage for another volley of shots: "Arizona Senator John McCain's Tenuous Record as an Economic Conservative".

McCain responded by slamming Club for Growth and blaming them for the GOP losing control of the Senate. On Tuesday, the wingnutz ideogroup (which has never been deterred by reality) issued its own You Tube cut and paste on McCain. In surreply, yesterday, the McCain camp posted video of Club for Growth founder, Steve Moore, giving McCain a BJ. Of course, that was a long time ago -- January, 2007.

Listen, kids, if you don't stop back there, I will turn this car around . . . .

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