Friday, September 07, 2007

Wannabe Journalist on Pretend Paper Ignores Ethics AND Inquiry

It was over a week ago that we ran a piece on how that piece of crap newspaper in Scran'en was ignoring the DeNaples stories.

In one of the pretend newspaper's articles, the paper mentioned a defamation award against the Citizen's Voice "and its parent company", which is that Scran'en paper.

We noted that, in keeping with the parent company's apparent policy of deception, the article failed to advise the readers of the Scran'en rag that they were reading the "parent company".

Being an inquiring sort, we penned a quick note to the reporter, so-called, and asked why he chose not to tell the readers that the CV parent was none other than the Scran'en Times. Dave Janoski's response after the jump.

Janoski's revealing reply, in full:

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