Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gilmore Announces Today -- Live on the Web

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore will announce his candidacy for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination at noon (Eastern) today. The event will be live-streamed from his website.

So, who is Jim Gilmore and why is he getting into this? From his website (yawn):
Courageous. Consistent. Conservative. Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore has exactly the credentials that most Republicans are looking for in their nominee for President of the United States.

* Jim Gilmore served as a U.S. Army counter-intelligence agent in Germany during the Vietnam era.
* Jim Gilmore served as a tough, crime busting local prosecutor in Virginia.
* Jim Gilmore served as a popular, no-nonsense Virginia Attorney General.
* Jim Gilmore served as a Governor who was a champion of the taxpayers.
* Jim Gilmore served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.
* Jim Gilmore served as Chairman of a national commission on prevention and response to terrorism.

On the issues, Jim Gilmore is a leader Republicans can trust to stand for low taxes, secure borders, support for our troops, protection of our 2nd Amendment rights, the preservation of life and the defense of traditional marriage and family values.
Gilmore wants to send MORE troops into Iraq, imposed restrictions on a woman's personal liberty rights as Governor, and promises to fight against civil rights for gay Americans.

Just what the Repubs need, another gun-totin', war mongering, moralizing, divisive crusader.

Well, he might want to stop trying to tinker with people's private lives long enough to work on his "Press Center" . . . . I guess 'attention to detail' is less important in a President than co-opting someone's uterus or penalizing their sexual orientation.

(Guess it is just her day today: h/t Media Lizzy)


Ron said...

Oh super. The reeps only have like 15 candidates now. They need 25 or 30.

A Big Fat Slob said...

Throwing all they can against the wall . . . .