Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cheney's Big Idea

“Deciding to side with the Shia is probably the most inflammatory thing we could do right now,” says Wayne White, a member of the Iraq Study Group who is now at the Middle East Institute, a research center here. “It would be a multi-headed catastrophe.”

-- New York Times, 12/17/2006.

The Times says that consideration of Cheney's plan to back the Shiites over the minority Sunnis is reflective of the "dearth of good options" for the Administration. No, it isn't. It is reflective of the dearth of good leadership in the Adminsitration of this miserable failure.

(Image Credit: Georgette's World.)


Wren said...

Cheney is a madman, counseling a lunatic. Why does anyone listen to either of them?

Slob, hate to say it, but you've been tagged.

A Big Fat Slob said...

Not that I am committing, but, I'll need a tad more information, or I'll just make up my own meme.

Wren said...

Oops. Tell us five things about yourself that we don't know. Then tag five other unfortunates.