Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trust, But Verify? Slots Applicant With Alleged Mob Ties Proposes Oversight Board

From today's Pocono Record:
Facing new doubts about the "suitability" of Mount Airy Lodge owner Louis DeNaples, a Mount Airy official Tuesday proposed creating an independent audit committee to oversee gambling operations at the resort if it obtains a casino license.
Sooo, Denaples wants to create a new state entity just to keep an eye on him? And that's supposed to make those who question his alleged ties to organized crime sleep better? Is the new state board going to have access to all of his phone calls, and those of his associates? Are they going to be able to install listening devices and cameras everywhere anyone with anything to do with the casino goes?

If Denaples is a pure as he claims, the proposed three-member oversight board is unnecessary. If he is as mobbed-up as his detractors say, it is a grossly inadequate measure.

Either way, it is a desperate and cynical ploy.

A decision on the slots licenses is scheduled for today.

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Anonymous said...

The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania + The Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania + The Governor's Mansion = The biggest, most corrupt and criminal organization in the Commonwealth.