Saturday, January 13, 2007

Official Web Pages for Pennsylvania's New Members of the 110th

Jason Altimire, PA-4
Joe Sestak, PA-7
Pat Murphy, PA-8
Chris Carney, PA-10

All of these new members of the House had their fully-functioning web pages up and running at least a week ago.

Bobby Casey, Jr., is the only new member of the Pennsylvania federal delegation who hasn't bothered to get his official web page up and running. But, give him a break, what with his fire-brand calling for "more study" on ethics reform, and preparing those scintillating first words on the Senate floor, he's a really busy guy these days.


Gort said...

From what I understand a maiden speech is one of the few times most of the members of Senate actually show up all at once. Let's hope he has good one but I'm not optimistic.

A Big Fat Slob said...

Given his record, his first speech will likely be to the effect that, whatever the pressing issue on which he expounds, needs more study before he can risk, err, I mean, reach an opinion.