Monday, August 28, 2006

Casey Has Nine Point lead in New Zogby/WSJ Poll

The results of the latest poll in the Pennsylvania Senate race show Bob Casey leading floundering incumbent Rick Santorum by 9 points. According to the Wall Street Journal, which sponsored a multi-state poll of the Senate races, Pennsylvania voters are siding with their favorite perennial candidate 50.5% to Santorum's 41.7%. This is practically unchanged from the July results in the same poll (in July the spread was 9.0, in August, 8.8), and up from the June 6.6%. Casey's high water mark in this poll was the 9.9% advantage he scored in October, 2005.

The WSJ doesn't release crosstabs for these polls, so we don't have the breakdowns. But it does confirm what we have been saying -- despite the "narrowing" of the spread, Santorum is making nearly zero headway. He picked up a tiny 0.2% over this last month, despite heavy advertising.

But, it is early kids, stay tuned.

{Disclosure: I was a respondent in this poll. You can register to to become a Zogby Interactive polling respondent here.}

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