Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Approval/Disapproval Numbers on Rick Are Really, REALLY Bad -- That's the Good News

Since December, Santorum's approval by voters who call themselves "pro-life" has fallen from 59% to 49%, while the percentage of "pro-life" voters approving disapproving of Santorum's job performance has gone from 33% to 44%, according to the most recent Survey USA poll results.

As The All Spin Zone points out, the same results show Santorum's overall approval numbers down to 36% and his disapprovals a whopping 57%.

Regular Church goers disapprove Santorum 51-42 today, as opposed to a 48% approval rating he had from that important Republican constituency in December.

He's also losing favor among Republicans who approved his performance at a 66% clip in December. Today, 52% approve and 41% of Republicans disapprove.

In the so-called "T", Santorum has a 53% DISapproval rating.

The bad news? Casey's favorables have been as low as Rick's approval numbers (Quinnipiac 25%, Rasmussen 18%, Keystone 30%), although no polls have been released since the May 16 primary.

In the face of Santorum's steady decline in approval ratings, it is inconceivable that Casey can remain in the sub-50% range of voter support in which he has been mired in while his lead over Santorum steadily declined. If the next few polls don't show Casey dramatically improving, the Democrats should start getting real worried.

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