Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Abbott and Costello Take to the Road

Get ready, Pennsylvania, the odd couple of Keystone politics is planning a road trip. Carol Romanelli, who never had a viewing from the QEFTSG fellas, claims that he and Your Rick are taking to the streets.

"We will travel from Erie to Philadelphia and everywhere in between," Romanelli said. "The senator has assured me he will go forward in debate, even in the absence of Bob Casey's willingness to participate."

But not so fast, I feel a qualification coming . . . .

"Sen. Santorum looks forward to joining with Mr. Romanelli and Mr. Casey for a series of debates between now and Election Day," Davis said, adding that the details are still being determined.

(h/t to Santorum Blog.)

And, be sure to check out their offical home page.

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