Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Suvery says . . . .

"Bush still sucks!" At least in the opinion of 59% of Americans and 60% of Pennsylvanians, according to today's Survey USA poll results. With only 1% of Pennsylvanians unable to make up their minds -- the lowest figure all year -- 60% of Pennsylvanians disapprove of the decisions of this decider. This is up a point from last month, while his approval rating of 39% is down a point from the August tally.

Playing with the numbers, 52% of Pennsylvanians identifying themselves as regular church goers thinks this President is doing a lousy job -- that's a two-point "gain" from a month ago. In the largely rural "T", it has been over a year since the President has had a positive ranking from those voters. In July, 2005, 49% of voters in the T approved of GWB's job performance, 48% gave him a negative score. Apart from that, the one-third of the state's voters in the "T" -- generally considered more conservative -- have regularly, month-in and month-out, declared their disdain for the competence of the Republicans in control of Washington.

This is not good news for Virginia's third Senator who has been a loyal supporter of Bush's failure in the Middle East and elsewhere. He has, indeed, supported the President more than 98% of the time. His numbers should be out in a couple of days. Last month was the first time this year that Rick Santorum did not end up as one of the ten worst Senators (he was in a 4-way tie for 83rd), as rated by their own constituents -- including a run from April to July as THE worst Senator in the nation. I guess if he came out as "only" the 75th worst Senator in America, he'd see that as an improvement.

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