Friday, September 22, 2006

Important New Rasmussen Polls Get it Right!

The last couple of days have seen the polls coming in fast and furious. Rasmussen has released the results of yet two more new and extremely important polls on an issue of vital national concern.

They are polls which I have scrutinized VERY carefully and determined that the respondents got it 100% correct. Actually. these polls were released at the end of August, but somehow I missed them.

The first poll reveals that, in the considered and respected opinion of baseball fans, the Yankees were the number one selection of baseball fans to win this year's World Series.

The second poll shows that 52% of baseball fans expect the Yankees to "Meet the Mets" (cute, but the Yankees don't need a ditty to attract fans) in the 2006 World Series, setting us up for the second Subway Series in this young century.

More important -- a majority of those fans understand that the Yankees will crush the overachievers from Queens ("Queens?! What kind of baseball team comes from a town named "Queens"?!), again.

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