Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slate Senate Scorecard Shifts Slightly to Republicans

Slate's latest analysis of the Senate races sees 46 going or leaning Democratic, 50 Republican, and four tossups. Yesterday, Rasmussen identified six tossups, including Tennessee and Ohio. In Tennessee, Slate has it leaning Republican, but with momentum to Democrat Harold Ford. Slate puts Ohio in the Leaning Dem category. They see Pennsylvania as solid Dem, giving Casey a double-digit advantage (50% - 38%) based on their 5-poll average.

Slate excludes internet polls from its polling analysis. This means that two most recent Zogby Polls are not included in their 5-poll average. Regardless, the results would be the same. As the Pollster polling data indicates, including the internet polls, the 5-poll average still results in a double-digit lead for Casey, 41%-40%.

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